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A fish spa experience is a unique and relaxing way to rejuvenate and refresh your feet. This spa treatment involves immersing your feet in a tank filled with warm water containing tiny fish called Garra rufa, often referred to as "doctor fish." These fish have a natural tendency to nibble on dead skin cells, making them ideal for exfoliating and softening the skin.

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What are Garra Fish?

This special breed of fish, known as Garra Rufa, is attracted to the vibration in the water given off by the pulse in your body. As soon as your feet enter the water, the Garra fish begin searching for the source of that vibration they feel. This is similar to the way a dog would sniff out a scent.

This specific sub-breed does the exact same thing in the wild. So, our process is designed to mimic their natural environment, which keeps the fish happy and healthy!

Water Filtration Process

Our patented filtration system utilizes multiple pumps so that in a 20-minute timeframe, the water gets completely changed more than four times.

We also install a special ultraviolet sterilization device to filter and kill bacteria from the water. In addition, our spa utilizes carbon to draw out any foreign particles from the tank, filtration socks, oxygenation pumps, and sponge filtration.

This is what creates the crystal clear water seen in each of our tanks all day, every day! 

How Does The Treatment Work?

While they are busy looking for the source of the vibration from your pulse, their movement around your feet creates a very relaxing feeling that is often described as like bubbles all over your skin. 

The light sensation from the tiny fins rapidly moving across your skin is what creates this relaxing feeling! 

If you could imagine putting your feet inside nice warm champagne, it feels a lot like that.  But the best way to understand how great it feels is just to try it out.  With it being such a unique feeling, it’s hard to compare it to anything else.


Great customer service a wonderful and new experience looking forward to becoming a spa member


Today our family stopped by Garra. This was a unique and cool experience. Our son dipped his feet and my Hubby and I dipped our hands. It felt like the fish were kissing out hands 🤷🏾‍♀️😁 lol.


What a wonderful experience!! My feet are extra soft! The detox was very informative about the changes I need to make in my diet. Thanks so much!!

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Garra Spas offers a unique fish spa experience you won’t find anywhere else! Our process includes a fish spa experience and an ionic cleanse to help the body feel relaxed and refreshed!

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